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YourLifeChoices Banking & Investment page is aimed at giving you the correct information on the Federal Governments Assets Test and the latest information on Managed Funds so you can make the right decisions!

Latest high interest savings accounts

Keep your money accessible while still earning interest

What are my investment options?

If you had $70,000 to invest, what would be your best options?

How to switch online savings accounts

Being unsure of the process is what stops many from switching their saving accounts

Are your savings safe?

The collapse of financing group Banksia Securities could see investors lose $660 million dollars

Online savings accounts deliver unexpected bonuses for the savvy saver

Greater returns on those hard earned savings.

The value of good advice

Life without a succession plan is similar to sailing in unchartered waters without any navigational aids

How to achieve investment independence

Basil La Brooy highlights some of the ways NICRI can help you on your way to investment independence

Making the switch easier

Only five per cent of Australians switched banks last year, despite reforms to make the process

Money: you can’t just give it away

Sharing a windfall with family may seem a kind gesture but with the restrictive rules surrounding gifting

Investing on a budget – how to make the most of your money on a low or fixed income

Over the last few years many Australians have found that making ends meet has become more difficult

Exit fees explained

One hurdle to switching loan providers is the exit fees financial institutions charge to allow

Interest rate comparisons

With all the talk about interest rates at the moment it's worth doing some calculations to

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