Keep your super safe and consider accessing equity in your home

Should accessing super early be a last resort? What are your options?

Accessing the equity in your home

Last week Josh Funder wrote for YourLifeChoices about the importance of trying to protect your superannuation balance during the unprecedented economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, there was enormous interest in this article from YourLifeChoices members, so we invited Mr Funder to join us for an exclusive interview to further explain the options open to retirees struggling through this difficult time.

He outlines why it is such a terrible time to access or withdraw the funds from your super right now, and shares some of the lessons we all should have learnt from the Global Financial Crisis.

He talks about the benefits of accessing the equity in your home, as well as how household loans work, whether your property is ever at risk and how and when the loans are repaid.

If, after listening to the podcast, you have further questions about how a household loan could work for you, you can contact the Household Capital team at or call on 1300 622 100.

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