Learn on ASX virtual share market for free to win $2000

The ASX will give you $50,000 of play money to learn about the share market.

Learn about shares and win $2000

If you owned shares last year, you’re likely to have made a killing, at least on paper. If you don’t have an equities portfolio, you may be wondering how to get a bit of the action.

Luckily for you, our stock market operator, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), can teach you just about everything you need to know about share trading, and it’s free.

Stock markets around the world last year recorded strong growth, increasing their total worth by more than $11 trillion. ASX stocks also did nicely, growing by 11 per cent in value, which is great news for your superannuation fund.

So far this year, international shares are continuing to rally strongly, and while Aussie stocks haven’t matched that vigour yet, some pundits believe they will deliver another bullish year.

But not all company shares will perform well. If you are a novice trader, picking the winners using research from financial analysts may not give you the full picture. Some stockbroking houses will display a bias towards their favourite companies. This can happen when a broker underwrites the sale of a large tranche of shares.

To encourage as many investors to buy the new shares, known as scrip, stockbroking houses may issue positive guidance about the future performance of the company without providing enough information about potential risks. Therefore, it is very important to get your advice from independent sources.

A great way to get a feel for playing the market is to do it with virtual money via the ASX Game.  This online training course is free but you have to be quick to join in. Registrations open tomorrow (1 February) and the next game starts on 22 February 2018, running through to 6 June. A number of games are held throughout the year, but once they commence they are closed to new players.

During the game, you create a share portfolio of the stocks you wish to ‘trade’ in using a virtual $50,000. You are taught how to ‘buy and sell shares’ from around 200 of the largest listed Australian companies to test your strategies. If you are diligent, you will be able to understand how to evaluate the different types of research that brokers use.

There is plenty of guidance on the site from some of the best investor/analyst minds, including a link to Marcus Padley’s tutorial for beginners.

As a bonus ­– to keep you regularly doing your research so that your portfolio makes gains – there is prize money involved. The player who grows the value of their portfolio the most during the 15-week game wins $2000. There are also prizes for second and third-placed participants.

During the past two years, players from Queensland and New South Wales have dominated the winners’ stakes, with one person increasing the value of their portfolio by 50 per cent to $77,000.

There is no limit to the number of games you play and it goes without saying that the more you practise, the more likely it is that you will succeed when you go on to invest your own cash in shares.

The ASX says: “Don't put pressure on yourself first time around, as this is a learning process and as you develop your knowledge, the strategy or plan you want to use will become clearer and next game you can expand and test what you have learnt.”

As always, however, consult your financial adviser before buying shares to ensure that your investment decision best suits your personal circumstances.

Good luck!



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    31st Jan 2018
    * 1
    Usually the super-wealthy get the best things in life, Warren Buffett says, but when it comes to investments, you actually have a huge advantage.

    Specifically, if you are not doing a better job with your money than millionaires or college endowment funds, you could be, despite their resources and ­investment opportunities.

    As you might imagine, Buffett — generally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living investor — and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, gets asked for investment advice (and general life ­advice) from time to time.

    He’s long recommended that people keep their investing cheap and simple, by putting their money in low-cost funds that track the stockmarket.
    Of his friends, Buffett says, only ordinary investors tend to heed this recommendation.

    By having the humility to simply accept the returns of the stockmarket, and paying next to nothing in expenses, ordinary ­investors will outpace most pros.

    Hedge funds, a popular choice for wealthy individuals, are costly, as fund managers tend to charge a 2 per cent fee on the money you invest and a 20 per cent fee on money the fund earns you. That’s great for them, but it tends to be a lousy deal for their investors.

    31st Jan 2018
    Share market = gambling. You do the form, then place your gamble ...... just like horse racing.

    The other major gambling activity is buying a house.

    With the share market/house gambles, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose (depending at which stage in history you do the gamble).

    When you win the gamble, you receive the "bludger's profit" (in other words the money you get is not directly from your daily work ..... it's from the increase in gambling value). In other words you have "gambled" that people will pay more for what you have, than you paid for it ..... be it shares or a house.
    31st Jan 2018
    Very odd !
    Share prices go up as the companies ability to generate higher returns

    It’s not gambling at all - you’re silly
    1st Feb 2018
    I see the sound logic behind your post, JimD.

    31st Jan 2018
    All investment has a risk . Including investing your own labor.
    The discussion is on investing in the market .
    You either trade as I do
    Or set and forget and receive dividends that will be higher than bank deposits .
    Bufetts advise of buying the market with cheap funds suits investors that want the lowest risk with the lowest cost .
    31st Jan 2018
    Yes the stock market is gambling, but the main thing is that one studies a company and acts in a informed way, I bought into A2M when they were cheap and made over $30,000.....my advice is study lithium it will be the future and will boom, but study, I spend 10 minutes a day on my portfolio and the rest of the day studying.

    31st Jan 2018
    The stock market is not gambling it is investing for a better return .over The long haul it gives a better return than property or cash .

    If you choose to gamble for higher returns one thing I have learnt is not to except tips from anyone . They are usaualy pushing their own wheelbarrow

    31st Jan 2018
    Only stupid people don’t invest their surplus funds

    1st Feb 2018
    Capitalism-gone-mad - and it has - is why there is now so much greed, selfishness and inconsideracy in the world. The share market is at the core of the problem. For every winner there's a loser: it's just man exploiting man. A pox on the lot of it!
    1st Feb 2018
    Probably a tree hugging, radical leftie who's never worked a day in his life
    Professional protestor and marxist anarcho-communist

    1st Feb 2018
    Another leaner

    1st Feb 2018
    If you had bought Comm Bank Shares at 5.70 when Paul Keating privatised the Bank today you would be getting 4.29 in annual dividends per share .
    Buying and keeping a share is not gambling but investing .

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