Credit Cards

CHOICE calls on banks to be fair

CHOICE has called on the banks to pass on the latest RBA rate cut to credit card holders.

Common credit mistakes

How to protect your credit rating when living on a fixed income.

What’s your credit score?

A new initiative, GetCreditScore, has launched as part of MoneySmart Week.

DIY RFID blocker

Discover how you can make your own RFID blocking sleeve for less.

Credit card security risk

Gayle has a cautionary tale for those with plastic in their purses.

D-day for signatures imminent

In just over two weeks signatures will no longer be accepted for purchases made by credit cards.

Budget friendly saving tips

Five ridiculously simple money saving tips to help your money go further.

Credit card fees still too high

Despite new laws, it seems we're still being slugged high fees when paying by card.

No more signatures

VISA and MasterCard are looking to move to PIN-only verified transactions.

Paying down your credit card

These five hassle-free tips can help you to reduce your credit card balance

Discriminated by credit card companies

Can you get a credit card when you're on the Age Pension?

Managing your travel money

Sue doesn't want to waste money on unnecessary fees when accessing her travel funds

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