Credit Cards

Controlling your credit card debt

Paul Clitheroe has some advice if you find yourself struggling to clear credit card balances

End to credit card surcharge gouging

What are your rights on excessive credit card surcharges?

Consolidating your debt

Paul Clitheroe explains the pros and cons of debt consolidation

How to switch online savings accounts

Being unsure of the process is what stops many from switching their saving accounts

Five common credit card mistakes

In Australia alone consumers have racked up a staggering $49.5 billion in credit card debt

Sign no more

Visa has announced that, from 1 April 2013, all Visa card transactions will need to be approved using

Slick credit card scam

YOURLifeChoices member Cathy has highlighted this particularly slick scam

Credit card reforms

How can you save the most from these changes?

Check your credit rating

Do you know how good (or bad) your credit rating is?

Tips to track your spending

Keeping track of where your money goes isn't the easiest task. It does, however, seem to get

Credit cards – friend or foe?

Credit cards offer a convenient alternative to carrying cash or using cheques. If used sensibly they

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