Credit Cards

How to prepare if your job is shaky

Financial adviser Helen Baker tells what you should be doing.

Travel SOS: Can your bank recover money spent on travel?

Paul is yet to get money back for cancelled travel and wonders if his bank can help.

The bank ‘support’ you should avoid

Banks have been quick to introduce hardship measures, but be wary of this move.

Deferrals of failed payments will not incur a bad credit rating: ABA

Banks will not report failed payments; creditors under pressure to freeze interest.

Travel SOS: Which credit card is best for travel?

Edith is planning an overseas trip next year and is wondering about the best way to han

Could COVID-19 spell the end of cash?

With so many vendors refusing cash payments, we could see a cashless society soon.

Why you need to check your credit rating immediately

Thousands of credit scores changed last week. We explain why.

Common credit card fraud and how to avoid it

In the eyes of scammers and thieves, credit cards are the holy grail. Here's what you s

Credit card interest rates labelled banks’ ‘dirty little secret’

As official cash rates plummet, hurting older Australians with cash in the bank, credit

Set and forget … are you paying for services you don’t use?

The nature of direct debits means you can lose track of who you are paying and when.

How to choose a credit card that fits your spending and save

Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for things, but that convenience can come at a

Purchases you shouldn’t make with a credit card

Older Australians are increasingly asking for help in managing credit card debt.

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Supermarkets urged to stop promoting unhealthy foods

Do supermarkets need to be more responsible for Australians' dietary habits?


Parsnip and Ginger Fishcakes

Just one serve delivers almost half the recommended weekly intake of oily fish.

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