Budget friendly saving tips

Living on a fixed income usually means watching every cent you spend. We have five ridiculously simple money saving tips to help your money go further.

Don’t idle your car engine
Modern engines don’t need time to warm up when you first start them. Arrange your seat, mirrors and fasten your seatbelt before witching on your ignition. Also, if you’re sitting for more than 45 seconds, switch off your engine. Before you fill up, find the best fuel prices in your area at Motormouth.com.au.

Buy the occasional gift cards
Many retailers now offer gift cards and buying a $20 card now and again, when you can afford it, will give you that little extra to spend when times are tight. Watch out for specials which mean you can buy at a reduced rate.

Start paying off your credit cards
Credit Card Finder has a useful calculator which allows you to enter details of all loans and cards on which you owe money and what is the minimum repayment. By inputting the combined minimum total repayment you can make each month, a payment schedule will be generated to suggest which card or loan to pay first and how long it will take you to clear the balance. To get your debt under control, visit CreditCardFinder.com.au

Invest in a slow cooker.
Not only do they use less energy than a standard oven, but the gentle cooking process enables you to make the most of cheaper cuts of meat.

Getting what you pay for
Are you really getting the broadband download speeds for which you are paying? Check if the speed of your connection is as it should be. Or are you paying for a service you’re not really using? Compare your actual usage against your billed usage and find out if there’s a better package which suits your needs. To check if you’re on the best broadband deal, visit www.comparebroadband.com.au

Written by Debbie McTaggart