Managing your travel money

YOURLifeChoices member Sue has saved hard for her trip to Vietnam and doesn’t want to waste money on unnecessary fees when accessing her travel funds. She’s heard of one card and would like to know if it’s worthwhile.

Q. Sue
I am travelling to Vietnam next month and have heard about a credit card that I can use overseas which does not attract any fees… I think it’s called 28 Degrees. Do you know about this card and is there anything you can recommend for a novice traveller?

A. Vietnam is a great country and I’m sure you’ll have quite a lot of fun. The 28 Degrees MasterCard is a very popular card amongst travellers. Quite a few of our members have used it and found it to be a useful and affordable way of accessing travel money.

I believe the best thing about this card is that it does not charge fees for ATM withdrawals. You will find in Vietnam that although credit cards are widely accepted, cash is definitely preferred, so accessing your money without fees is a distinct advantage.

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I hope you have safe and happy travels.

Written by Debbie McTaggart