Discriminated by credit card companies

Paul Clitheroe has some advice for YOURLifeChoices member Tony who is finding it difficult to qualify for a credit card.

Q. Tony
My wife and I are travelling overseas soon and were advised to apply for a credit card. However, providers won’t take into consideration our Age Pension or superannuation payments as income so it’s almost impossible for us to qualify. What should we do?

A. Provided by Paul Clitheroe
I am very surprised that providers won’t look at your superannuation and sometimes it’s worthwhile making an appointment with your local bank to discuss your situation. You could also try a smaller lender, such as a credit union.

If you still have no joy, then you can simply use a debit card to access your own money and these are accepted pretty much everywhere standard credit cards are.

If you own your own home and have superannuation, then I don’t think you’ll have to look too far to find an institution which would love to have your business.