Tips for purchasing life insurance

Tips for purchasing life insurance

According to a new study 85 per cent of Australians don't feel that they have adequate life insurance,

Car insurance rewards experience

For the past 25 years Apia has only covered people aged 50 and over, with products and services tailored

Age-based vs fixed premium option

Having the option of choosing an age-based or a fixed premium is just one benefit of a Seniors Funeral

Are you insured?

As the devastation reeked by the recent floods becomes evident, people naturally start to worry

Consolidating insurance policies

David and Marcia don't want to be dealing with different providers should something happen to

Do I have enough insurance?

Making sure you are getting a good deal with your insurance means shopping around. Get several quotes,

Insurance - What happens when things go wrong?

Even with the best will in the world, sometimes there are problems when insurance doesn't quite

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