'Proactive' insurer makes your home safer and rewards you for it

Customers pay home insurance companies for peace of mind and while policies differ and benefits vary, there’s not a lot of difference between home insurers.

Until now.

Now there’s an insurer that not only provides cover for your home in a worst-case scenario, but also goes the extra mile to help make sure you and your home are safe.

Honey Insurance is on a mission to drag the insurance industry out of the dark ages using technology to eliminate 50 per cent of all avoidable accidents that occur in your home and then rewarding you for keeping your home safer.

It does this by giving you a set of clever sensors (valued at $250) to install in your home.

These sensors help you know more about your home than you ever have before and help you stay one step ahead of accidents that lead to claims.

So, it’s not purely a benevolent gesture. The smart sensors are almost like an insurance company taking out insurance on its new investment – you.

The smart sensors do everything from alerting you if you’ve left your doors or windows open to monitoring the temperature of your home to letting you know if you have a water leak to notifying you if your fire alarm is going off.

Honey is the first Australian insurance company to bring a proactive insurance offering to Australia.

It’s doing so in response to more than half of the country (52 per cent) saying their home and contents insurer does nothing to proactively keep their homes safe.

Honey Insurance is revamping home insurance from the moment you inquire. From that point, it analyses information such as your suburb, building materials used in your home and in your neighbourhood and technological advancements that ensure your coverage is always accurate and adequate.

It has also made the insurance process smarter and faster with customers insured in just three minutes flat and all without a single phone call (unless you want one).

And while Honey Insurance may be a new kid on the block, it’s backed by one of Australia’s oldest and most respected insurers, RACQ.

Get your free quote today and discover that a smarter home really is a safer home.

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