Are you eligible for this little-known health insurance saving?

If you or a family member has served in the defence force you could save.

Are you eligible for the defence health insurance

Do you have any children who have served, or are serving, in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)? If so, you are eligible to join Defence Health a not-for-profit health fund offering much cheaper rates than most private health insurance funds.

If you or your partner served in the ADF you may already be aware of Defence Health – but there are many other ways you could be eligible to join the health fund and most people are not aware of them.

If either of your parents, any of your children, your brother or sister or an ex-spouse or partner served in the defence force, you will be eligible to join.

Even if you are the family member of someone who worked for a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, or worked for one of those companies yourself, you are eligible to join Defence Health.

How much will you save?

As with all private health insurance queries, how much you can save depends on what level of cover you want.

When comparing private health insurance funds, your best source of advice is, as it allows you to compare exactly what level of hospital cover and excess you want, making sure you are comparing apples with apples.

As a guide to the potential savings available from Defence Health, we entered a hypothetical single male seeking the top level of hospital cover in Victoria and some value extras coverage and the savings were considerable.

The monthly premium range for Defence Health was $245.61–$260.73 with a maximum excess between $200–$400. The comparable offering from leading health insurance provider NIB was $382.55–$399.75 per month with a maximum excess of $500.

If you do decide to switch, Defence Health will recognise the waiting periods you have already served, so you can claim immediately and cover your benefit entitlements included in your old cover, as long as the same services are offered on the new cover.

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    Chrissy L
    25th Apr 2017
    I have been with Defence Health for over 20 years, I do compare funds each year and they have always been very good on price. I have found their service to be excellent. If you are eligible, check them out I think you will find it to be worthwhile.
    25th Apr 2017
    I also am with Defence Health. Was a bit of an issue 10 years ago when you had to mail receipts in. Now, with HiCAPS, the refund is immediate - just check beforehand that your provider has HiCAPS. And do not take: 'we cannot connect' as an answer. If the receptionist actually tries and understands the system, it always works - even if she has to ring Defence Health directly.

    It is very important that the correct code is quoted or you might get an incorrect refund. most of the errors are at the doctors / dentist end. No Health Insurance is cheap but this is the best I have found.
    25th Apr 2017
    I worked for RMIT and as RMIT was contracted by the ADF, I was eligible to join defence health. it has been a huge saving to me over the years.

    I now take a photo on my Iphone of a receipt- and the refund is in my bank in the next few days- so easy
    25th Apr 2017
    I looked at it but it worked out more expensive than my current health fund.
    25th Apr 2017
    Wow, cheaper. P{lease let us all know who it is!
    25th Apr 2017
    I am with Teachers Health & I pay $180 a month. Top cover.
    26th Apr 2017
    If you have worked for the Police Dept is there any chance of joining the Defence Health Fund?
    26th Apr 2017
    If you have worked for the Police Dept is there any chance of joining the Defence Health Fund?
    28th Apr 2017
    ring them
    23rd Dec 2017
    RTHealth is a good alternative - a member-owned fund. Very efficient.

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