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Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Legal page. Our Power of Attorney information provides you with relevant knowledge to make the decision if it is for you, while our Wills page gives you all the information you need to decide what you want to do when you leave it all behind.

When cash transfer misses target

You meant to pay your car insurance bill, but got the account details wrong and the money went

NAB sued over super ‘rip-off’

Law firm Maurice Blackburn has launched a class action against the National Australia Bank.

Money matters for 2020

Get your financial affairs in order and start the year on the right foot.

Why challenge to will is inevitable

Jacob* wants to block an estranged daughter from his will while providing for a disabled son

Daughters shattered after will change

Mum quietly changes will to exclude daughters from a share of the family home. Rod Cunich tells

How to choose a power of attorney

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions about power of attorney powers.

Calls to change inheritance laws

Australia is one of only seven OECD countries without any inheritance, estate or gift taxes.

Will kind hearts lead to will war?

Lawyer Rod Cunich tells how best to protect will from excluded grandchildren.

Another super fund in strife

Superannuation fund facing class action over payments to financial advisers.

‘Can we protect will from son’s ex?’

Steve fears his ex-daughter-in-law may be able to make a claim on his estate.

‘Do I need a codicil to my will?’

Does Barbara need to update her will after her husband's death?

Can separated wife claim on will?

Caroline's son and wife are separated but not yet divorced. Can she claim on will?

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