Affordable legal advice

YOURLifeChoices member Paula is in desperate need of legal advice, but simply can’t afford a solicitor. Is there anywhere she can get help?

Q. Paula
I am hoping you will be able to advise me on legal services available in the ACT for low-income earners and pensioners. I never thought I would need this kind of service, but now I do. My son needs to get away from a broken relationship, which involves his one-year old son.  He is on the basic wage and has a massive mortgage. We desperately need some legal advice.  He can move back home with me, but I am only on the Age Pension with no superannuation. Solicitors are quoting me between $400 – $600 a visit and I simply can’t afford this, but I can’t abandon my son. Can you help?

A. There are a few avenues you can try, but it is worth remembering that this is your son’s legal issue and not yours. Therefore, any access to legal advice will be based on his income. Also, I’m not sure of the exact nature of the advice you require, but I assume it is centred around family law.

Firstly, you can try Relationships Australia which can give you basic advice on where your son stands legally and what he can do to try and secure access to his son.

Secondly, you can contact the Family Law Court of Australia, which can provide details of solicitors who may offer reduced fees for those on low incomes. 

Lastly, the National Association of Community Legal Centres can provide details of your nearest community legal centre which can give you free, basic legal advice. You can find out more by reading YOURLifeChoices article, Free legal advice.

Written by Debbie McTaggart