Check your credit rating

Do you know how good (or bad) your credit rating is?

A good credit rating allows you to get more credit in the future when you need it. This will help you to finance a car, rent a house, get a new credit card and sometimes even get a job. So how do you check your credit rating?

The easiest way to check your credit rating is to obtain a credit report. To do this you need to contact a credit reporting agency. The credit reporting agency will then ask for information, such as your name, address, telephone number and possibly your licence number. Using this information the credit reporting agency will then draw up a credit report and send it to you, usually within ten working days.

The Federal Government website page on credit reports suggests two possibly credit reporting agencies you may wish to use. We have looked at both of these websites and reviewed the experience.

Veda Advantage
Although it states on the Federal Government website that a credit report is generally required to be given free of charge, Veda Advantage does not offer a free credit report. You can only order a credit report with a turnover of one business day for $41.95.

Dun & Bradstreet
This credit reporting agency offers both a ten-business-day-turnaround credit report free of charge, and a fast track report which is available online after one business day. This site is also simpler to navigate, and it does not push you to purchase its other products.


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    22nd Jun 2012
    You are not correct about Dun & Bradstreet; it is not straightforward. I have completed the form now 4 times and it keeps coming back to the page which requests my preferred delivery, I fill in the form again.. every time I put my password in it takes at least 3 attempts to be accepted, it keeps telling me that the confirmed password is incorrect even though it is not. I then fill in the next page, click enter and it goes back to the above mentioned page. I wonder if it is due to the fact that I do not have a driver's licence but it does not give a box where I can put my passport details, which is the alternative. I give up. I know I have a good credit rating but would still like to have seen it in writing.
    22nd Jun 2012
    I went to the D&B website but gave up after I kept coming back to the first page. I wanted the report sent by mail, but couldnt find a page to give my name and address.

    22nd Jun 2012
    I have been to the D & B website and I didn't have any trouble filling out the requested details. I found that when I had provided the correct information and clicked on continue I was navigated to the next page. The sending by email or post are both on the one page. This is quick and easy to do.
    23rd Jun 2012
    My bank keeps on sending me messages every now and again to increase my visa card limit. Since I 've no debits whatsoever, isn't that an indication that I have a good credit?
    Maxwell Smart
    23rd Jun 2012
    You can own your home, cars, pay your credit card on time every month, and get a pension plus extra from other investments then not have a credit rating.
    I filled in the required information at Dunn & Bradstreet and was told I do not have a credit rating although all the above applies to me.

    It seems although I have no debts, I am not viable for credit because I have not had a loan in the last 30 years. I have no need for a loan but the experience was informative but useless.

    23rd Jun 2012
    Yes Auntie Mabel, I had that same experience years ago when I was applying for a mortgage. I had difficulty getting a mortgage because I didn't have any debt. If I really needed something I'd save up for it, and back then that included a new car. Mind you, if I had had a husband that would have made a difference!
    25th Jun 2012
    Just did mine - took very short time with Dun 7 Bradstreet - just have D/L ready and it is easy as... Thank you. Only one other thing, someone said to use 28 Degrees for a credit card overseas (no Transaction fees etc) and they won't give me one because I am a pensioner (at least that's what I think it is as they didn't give a reason!). This is why i am checking my credit rating as I generally have my credit card in positive when travelling. Why are pensioners penalised???