Five best legal websites

Learn how to question a Centrelink decision, make a telco billing complaint, get free legal advice and more with these five best legal advice websites.

Telco billing complaints
If you’re having difficulties understanding the charges on your telephone bill, have been overcharged for your mobile phone use, or are not receiving the broadband service you’re paying for, then you should direct your complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Questioning a Centrelink decision
Receiving notification from Centrelink, or any Government agency, that it will not process your claim, or is about to stop your benefit, can be distressing. You can ask Centrelink to review its decision, but if you still feel you have been unfairly treated, you can refer the matter to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Where there’s a will…
Making a will is often high on people’s list of things to do, but it is often the one thing which gets put off to another day. There are standard wills which can be completed online, but these don’t suit every situation.  Take an estate planning self-assessment to find out if you can use the online version.

Free legal advice
When faced with a legal problem, many people are dissuaded from consulting a lawyer due to the cost involved. Community Legal Centres can provide assistance for free.

Never too old
Age discrimination can take many forms, such as reduced insurance for workers, being made to retire due to age and being misrepresented in the public domain. The Australian Government has committed to ending age discrimination by appointing an Age Discrimination Commissioner to tackle issues and complaints made by members of the public and age-concern organisations.

Written by Debbie McTaggart