How can you provide for those who are vulnerable?

As a parent or grandparent of someone with a physical or mental disability, there are unique considerations that you need to address when planning for their future. Slater & Gordon offers tailored succession planning services designed to address a full range of circumstances including:

  • intellectual illnesses or conditions such as Down’s Syndrome
  • disabilities that occur as a consequence of a severe stroke, Alzheimer’s disease or schizophrenia
  • physical disabilities such as those caused by muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy
  • spendthrifts who are incapable of managing their finances
  • drug, alcohol or gaming addictions that impede rational financial decisions
  • severe head injuries as a result of an accident

Tailored succession planning advice can help ensure that after you have passed, your child or grandchild will continue to be looked after the way you wish. There are a number of succession planning strategies that can help parents and grandparents protect the interests of a child with cognitive problems. These include the potential use of:

  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Capital Protected Trusts
  • A combination of both
  • Superannuation Death Benefits for the benefit of your disabled or special needs child

Slater & Gordon can also assist you in the choice and appointment of a suitable guardian or trustee to care for your disabled or special needs child when you are no longer able to fulfil the role.

Tailored succession planning advice can help ensure that, after your death, your intellectually disabled child or special needs child continues to be looked after the way you wish.

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