Why choose Slater & Gordon?

Established in 1935, It has built a powerful reputation as a law firm that fights to achieve the best outcomes for everyday Australians. From the many landmark legal cases it has won, to the introduction of innovations such as No Win – No Fee™, Slater & Gordon has been determined to ensure that more people are able to access affordable legal services. Today it offers a broad range of services in more locations than any other law firm in the country. This means that there’s likely to be a local Slater & Gordon lawyer nearby ready to offer you personalised service in clear and simple language. With the backing of its national law firm, its lawyers have the resources and expertise to achieve the best outcome for you.

So, why choose Slater & Gordon?

They are a leading law firm

If you choose Slater & Gordon, you’re choosing one of Australia’s most trustworthy, successful and well- known law firms. It has been a hard earned reputation that has been built-up since 1935.

They get results

Slater & Gordon has handled some of the most complex legal cases undertaken in Australia. The size, quality and diverse experience of their national team means they can draw on whatever resources and expertise are required to achieve the best result in your matter.

They’re your local lawyer

Slater & Gordon offer legal services at more locations than any other law firm in Australia. Their wide network of offices means that there is a local lawyer nearby to offer you a personalised service for cases big and small on a broad range of legal matters.

They’re innovative and affordable

Slater & Gordon believe in providing everyday Australians access to affordable legal services, which is why they offer innovative and affordable payment arrangements to meet your needs.

They have the expertise

Many of Slater & Gordon’s lawyers are Accredited Specialists, recognised by professional legal organisations as having demonstrated exceptional knowledge in an area of practice. By choosing Slater & Gordon you have the peace of mind of receiving expert advice that meets the high standards set by the company.

Talk to Slater & Gordon

If you would like more information about how Slater & Gordon can help you, please call Slater & Gordon on 1800 555 777 or visit slatergordon.com.au.