Will I get the Clean Energy Advance?

Self-funded retiree Jenny is unsure if she will receive the Clean Energy Advance payment. Will she be one of the estimated 285,000 self-funded retirees who don’t receive any compensation?

Q. Jenny

I retired last year and I don’t hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC). I turn 56 this year and wonder where I stand in regards to receiving the one-off lump sum advance.

A. Jenny, only those self-funded retirees who hold a CSHC will receive the Clean Energy Advance payment. While holders of the CSHC do not need to apply for this payment, if you are not in receipt of the Seniors Supplement, you will need to ensure Centrelink have your bank details.

The only other means self-funded retirees have of accessing compensation for the carbon tax is via tax cuts.

You can find out more about what self-funded retirees will receive under the Household Assistance package by clicking here.