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Can you get a reverse mortgage if you don’t live in a capital city?

Narelle has tried to apply for reverse mortgages but has been rejected. What are her options?

Defaulting on a mortgage

Like any big commitment, breaking a mortgage can have serious consequences.

Busting reverse mortgage myths

Josh Funder sets the record straight on reverse mortgages.

The retirement income squeeze

For most of us, 2020 has not been what we expected.

How can I use a household loan?

If your retirement income has taken a hit, a household loan might be the right approach.

Do you qualify for a household loan?

If you're worried about making ends meet and want to look forward with confidence, a Household Loan

Should you sell some equity in your home?

Tapping into the equity in your home can deliver some welcome extra funds, writes actuary John

How to guarantee retirement disaster

When planning for retirement, add wishful thinking to wilful ignorance, and ruin is assured.

Accessing the equity in your home

Should accessing super early be a last resort? What are your options?

Home is where the cash is

Is a reverse mortgage right for you? Retired actuary and author John De Ravin takes us step by

Boomers spending kids’ inheritance

Baby boomers are spending about $1 billion of their children's inheritance every year by gradually

Why we must plan for death

Financial planner Helen Baker guides us through the really important conversation that many of

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