Mortgage & home Loans

What are the financial pros and cons of downsizing?

Should you downsize? Listing the pros and cons may help you to decide.

Is equity release the right choice for you?

A number of Australians are considering equity release products, to manage finances.

Can changing your home loan save you money?

Are household expenses in retirement starting to get you down?

What do you need to know before going guarantor

Going guarantor: what you need to know before signing someone else's home loan.

Can I claim rental assistance?

Gwenda is horrified at that rate at which the debt of her reverse mortgage is accruing.

Reverse mortgages: funding retirement without selling up

Reverse mortgages may become more popular as a means to fund retirement.

Refinance your mortgage

Interested in finding out how your current mortgage stacks up against those on the market?

How to reduce your mortgage by 10 years

It's easier than you think to knock years off your home loan.

Mortgages over 50 not so easy to secure

You may find that getting a mortgage over the age of 50 isn't so easy.

Can I sell my home to my son?

June would like to sell her home to her son as a vendor financier.

Reverse mortgage or line of credit

Should you take out a reverse mortgage or line of credit?

Locking in low interest rates

Is it worth looking to fix your rate?

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