Mortgage & home Loans

An alternative to reverse mortgages

Following on from our reverse mortgage article last week, subscriber Chris has suggested Centrelink's

How to get the best bank deal

How do you get the best bank deal?

Will switching save you money?

Many people assume switching to a lender with a better rate will automatically save them money

What’s your credit score?

A new initiative, GetCreditScore, has launched as part of MoneySmart Week.

Equity release – is it for you?

A Reverse Mortgage may be a good way to access money for those who are asset rich but cash poor

Give yourself a pay rise

No matter how careful you are with your money, there may still be a few ways to save.

Unlocking equity

Maurice Patane answers Shirley's questions about unlocking the equity in her home.

Can I use super to pay my mortgage?

YOURLifeChoices member Tony is trying to reduce his debt by paying off some of his mortgage with

Centrelink and reverse mortgages

Linda is considering releasing some of the equity in her home but is unsure how this may affect

Check your credit rating

Do you know how good (or bad) your credit rating is?

Exit fees explained

One hurdle to switching loan providers is the exit fees financial institutions charge to allow

It pays to switch

Lawrence Money is a senior writer for Melbourne’s The Age and he has written about his

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