Reverse mortgage reassurance

Reverse mortgage products are fast growing into a means by which older Australians can afford to live a decent lifestyle.

This has led to the Senior Australians’ Equity Release Association of Lenders (SEQUAL) developing the SEQUAL Financial Planner Equity Release Program, which has been endorsed by the Financial Planning Association. The program is designed to educate financial planners as to the needs of Australians as they enter retirement and provide them with the tools to best advise their clients.

Reverse mortgages can seem like the easiest option for older Australians looking to finance their retirement but there are many things to consider and the decision should never be taken without consulting a fully qualified and independent financial advisor. Until now, there have been few advisors who fully understood the equity release market.

The initial series of workshops will commence in September 2008 and whether your financial planner has attended one should be taken into consideration before requesting advise on equity release products.

For more information, visit SEQUAL.