Paying too much for electricity?

What’s the price of loyalty? Potentially hundreds of dollars a year. So why stick with an overpriced energy provider, when with a few clicks, you could compare and see how much you could save on your power bills?

If you have a recent bill handy, you’ll be surprised by how much you can save on electricity. A third of Australians have never switched their electricity retailers and the over 55s are paying through the nose by staying loyal to their original retailer.

These plans are often “default” or “market” plans that cost more than necessary. Electricity is the same from every retailer – so why pay more for a basic utility?

If you want to find the best electricity prices to save more on your bills, we invite you to compare and save with EConnex.

EConnex is an energy comparison site that’s free, fair, and independent. We’re not owned by retailers and we don’t earn bigger commissions when we steer you to one plan or the other. We help you compare and find a competitive electricity and gas plan in your area that suits your needs.

Unlike other comparison engines, we don’t confuse you with “on time” or “usage” discounts, which leave you wondering whether the plan you chose was right for you or if you are paying too much.


You can click or tap here  to start comparing and find a better or more competitive electricity plan in your area. It only takes a few minutes. If you have a recent bill handy, you can make an apples for apples comparison right here. Better yet, you can sign up on the spot.

We’ve helped over 180,000 Australians compare their bills and save on electricity in the last 12 months. You can be one of them! Just click here.

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