Tax relief on dental work

Jacinta has been hit with a large dental bill, but has been told by her dentist that she may be able to claim a tax offset. Is this the case?

Q. Jacinta

I am 66 years old and recently had to have a few teeth extracted. My dentist told me that I need three implants and each is costing $6000. He also told me that I can claim some back through tax relief. Would you be kind enough to advise me how this works please?

A. I believe your dentist is referring to the Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset, which allows you to claim a tax deduction of your medical expenses, after any rebates, over a certain amount – just over $2000 I believe. However, this offset is currently being phased out and to be eligible for any relief this year, you had to make a claim in the 2013/14 financial year. There are certain exceptions which still enable you to claim, but dental is not one of them. 

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Written by Debbie McTaggart