Easy ways to cut expenses

If not kept in check; everyday expenses can see you blow your budget.

Easy ways to cut expenses

If not kept in check; everyday expenses can see you blow your budget. These simple tips may seem obvious, but how many do you follow?

Premium petrol
Call your local car dealership and find out which grade of fuel is recommended for your car. Many people think using a higher grade will make their car run better but it could be costing you 20 cents more per litre for little benefit.

Books, magazines and DVDs
Make the public library your one-stop shop for book, magazines, DVDs and CDs and you could save a fortune without having to give up your entertainment. If there’s a hot title which isn’t available at your library, consider getting together with likeminded friends and splitting the cost.

Make your own lunch
If you’re still working, taking your lunch with you could save you more than $25 per week. For those no longer in the workforce, plan your day so you can have lunch at home, or take lunch with you to save you eating out.

Quite simply walking not only saves you money on fuel, parking and transport, it is also a great form of exercise. So if you’re close enough, leave the car behind.

Tap water quenches your thirst
On the occasions when you can afford to eat out, drink tap water if the restaurant doesn’t allow you to bring your own. A glass of wine may be a nice accompaniment to your meal, but this is where restaurants make most of their profit.

Review your cover
It’s often easier just to renew your insurance policy when the time comes but an hour or two reviewing your needs and shopping around for a cheaper alternative could put some extra dollars in your pocket.

Avoid the convenience store
If you compare the price of the 10 most common items you purchase at your convenience store to those in the supermarket, you could find a difference of up to 45 per cent on some items. While this may not be such an issue if you’re just purchasing now and again, it can make a difference over the course of a year.

Pay down your debt
Paying more in interest than you have to is the quickest and easiest way to waste money. Use a credit comparison calculator to work out how much just a few extra dollars each payment could save.

Give up a bad habit
If you smoke, drink or consume you own weight in jelly beans, giving up a bad habit can give you cash to spare. With cigarettes now costing an average of $16, you could save $56 per week if you smoke one pack every two days.


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    2nd Jan 2014
    E10 is rubbish, which many mechanics will still tell you it will foul your motor.
    Unleaded is fine but premium 95 is better as it keeps your engine clean and you will get slightly better performance. Is it worth the extra 15cents You decide. Maybe not for the performance, but it is better for your motor.
    2nd Jan 2014
    Mike, we agree with you on that, when we tried a cheaper brand in our older ford it started playing up,we have another car now gone back to premium its purring now and no more problems.
    2nd Jan 2014
    So basic. No savings here for me, no car, I don't drink, smoke, gamble, eat out or indulge in junk food, I make all of my own meals, have plenty of music and books. My second son gave me 24G of music for Xmas. :-) I pay ALL of my bills ahead of time including my rent and buy clothes I need at sales and the end of seasons.....
    A. N. Onymous
    11th Jan 2014
    Article dated 9th January (and from YLC email of 9th January) -- three comments dated 2nd January.

    How does that work?

    What calendar is YLC using?
    12th Jan 2014
    LOL I know this question has been raised before and did not get much response. Maybe they just recycled it and changed the year date from last time. This mob are always telling us how to 'save money' when what they write has been second nature to us since the year dot....
    6th Feb 2014
    Shopping online can also help to cut your expenses - if you really need to buy something you can use a coupon code to get a discount. In my opinion this is one of the best things to do to cut your expenses. You can even do your food shopping online, so you won't be tempted to buy yourself treats (I am so guilty of this!) I use www.flipit.com/au for clothes and electronics, and Woolworths for my shopping online.
    6th Feb 2014
    My mobile broadband is far too slow for grocery shopping online and it's all that I can afford. Anglicare come and take me grocery shopping. I am escorted by a lovely person and it only costs $9 a fortnight. I enjoy buying myself the occasional treat as well.

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