Most expensive cities to die in revealed

Putting funeral costs under the microscope across Australia.

Most expensive cities to die in

Sydney is the most expensive city to die in and burial plots account for some of the most expensive real estate in Australia, according to research.

Yet 60 per cent of Australians currently have no plans to prepay their funeral and Australians were recently warned that some funeral insurance companies were ‘guilt-tripping’ consumers into spending on premiums that delivered questionable payouts.

The average cost of a funeral in Australia is $7449, according to data, with a ceremony in Sydney topping the list at $8357 – a 10 per cent increase on costs in the previous year. Perth was second on $7584 and Brisbane third on $7505.

The cheapest city to die in was Hobart, where the average funeral cost $6832. Melbourne and Darwin were excluded due to a lack of data.

On top of the funeral cost for those wishing to have a burial comes the need to buy a plot. With current projections suggesting that several cities will run out of space in 20 to 30 years, a few square metres in a cemetery don’t come cheap.

A two-square metre grave in Melbourne General Cemetery costs $14,585, Domain reports, while a resting place in Sydney’s Rookwood, the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere, can cost anywhere from $8000 to $40,000.

Two problems are leading to the shortfall, according to University of NSW researcher Kate Ryan.

Graves in Adelaide and Perth are rented for 25, 50 or 99 years, she told Domain, while those in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are permanent.

The Financial Ombudsman Service says it receives hundreds of complaints every year relating to funeral insurers.

Insurance expert Allan Manning says funeral insurance is an unnecessary investment.

“It’s of little or no value,” he told the New Daily.

“It’s the poorer, less educated, most vulnerable Australians who are most affected – and they’re the ones who can least afford it.”

Professor Manning said funeral insurance companies advertised primarily during the day when retirees were watching daytime TV.

“They’re being bombarded and made to feel guilty – that you’re a horrible person if you don’t buy it,” he said.

A report by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in 2015 found that more than 750,000 Australians had funeral insurance cover.

Are you concerned about funeral costs? Do you have insurance? Have you prepaid for a funeral?



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    17th Jul 2018
    Article is not clear of what the total cost would be if cremated versus being buried.

    Not a very helpful article.
    8th Aug 2018
    Roughly the same cost for either.
    17th Jul 2018
    When my time is up I want a cardboard coffin or cheaper and whatever is eco-friendly and NO fuss and NO bother sprinkle me under a lovely tree or plant a nice tree over me but nowhere near a cemetery
    17th Jul 2018
    Me too, just put me in a cardboard box and let the worms have a feast.
    17th Jul 2018
    I would never have guessed......

    17th Jul 2018
    On the Gold Coast they are advertising Private Cremation for $2200 GST included. All the forms. Doctor's Cremation Certificate. Delivery of ashes to family or friends. Seems very reasonable to me. Service available from the Gold Coast to Ballina in NSW.
    17th Jul 2018
    Well Sydney is the most expensive city to live in. Why would dying there be any different?

    Personally if I can leave my remains to the local med school that would be great. Train the next generation and chuck the leftovers into the incinerator. Perfect!
    Ageing but not getting old
    17th Jul 2018
    That's what I've decided to do, too. Are you on the donor register in your State? There's also a group that arranges for bone, joint and other tissue to go to people needing transplants: However, I'm unsure how to contact them. I guess we can 'Google' it....
    17th Jul 2018
    Once again ,another ill informed article published on this site .The funeral costs mentioned are very very misleading . Any body can easily obtain a decent funeral for a loved one at a much lower cost mentioned here.Obviously no way near enough research had been done by the publisher of this article .Like the comment by another poster noted that there was no comparison of other funeral services available . Completely alarmist article
    17th Jul 2018
    how much does it cost to die either burial or cremation in canberra
    17th Jul 2018
    Another rip off industry, all those fancy coffins for what,just to rot in the earth. Cremation causes pollution especially if you have mercury fillings in your teeth. I already told my son just do the most environmentally friendly cheapest option available. Does funeral insurance rally pay off, or should you just bank the money?
    17th Jul 2018
    I think these costs are inflated. From recent personal experience a nice funeral service at the funeral chapel in Sydney including cremation was $5,000. Private cremation only $2200. Maybe you could pay more for the most expensive bells and whistles. . Personally, Im registered to donate my organs. Then, I just want the cheapest option. No need for a power point presentation of my life. A few close friends and family remembering me over a couple of drinks would be nice.
    18th Jul 2018
    Yes Sundays, thats what it is all about -- staying in the hearts of those that love you
    8th Aug 2018
    Sundays. I like your plan.
    pedro the swift
    19th Jul 2018
    Cemetery space will be a problem. Isn't there a co. in Vic which buries people in upright holes. Just use a posthole digger and drop 'em in. Plant a tree on top and every ones happy.
    19th Jul 2018
    Great idea, would save a heap of space, you should see the cemetery in our town the best views of the sea and prime land.