Seven smart ways to save money

A quick video that explains seven smart yet simple tips for saving money.

Seven smart ways to save money

This video from popular YouTube user HouseholdHacker explains seven simple life hacks that will save you money. From homemade cleaning products to saving on utility bills, these tips and tricks have you covered. 

  1. DIY vacuum-sealed foods
    Fill up your sink with water and then place an item (such as a steak) into a Ziploc bag. Now zip the resealable bag almost all the way closed and submerge the bag into the water, leaving the opening above the water. The water pressure will push the air out of the bag, simply zip it shut afterwards and pop it in the freezer.

  2. Use one battery for your remote control
    If you are running out of batteries for your remotes, try replacing just one battery in your remote control rather than both. Most remotes will work fine like this, but when it stops working again, make sure to replace the older battery first. To make sure you replace the right one, always place the new battery on the right, moving it to the left when it has been in use for some time.  

  3. Reduce your water bill
    By filling a water bottle up and placing it in your toilet’s cistern, you can reduce the amount of water it flushes.

  4. Halve your internet bill
    If you’re only a light internet user and you have a good relationship with your neighbours, have you considered sharing an internet connection with them?

  5. DIY scented fabric refresher
    Combine one cup of warm water with a teaspoon of baking powder and a tablespoon of fabric softener inside a spray bottle. Shake it up, give it some time to settle and test it out on some old clothes.

  6. Eco-friendly surface cleaner
    Grab another spray bottle, this time fill it with two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Now top it off with three tablespoons of vinegar and fill the rest with warm water. Give it a shake and it’s ready to go.

  7. Swap to LED bulbs
    You can cut your power usage down significantly by swapping to more energy efficient light bulbs.

Do you have any tips for cutting back on costs around the house? 



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    3rd Jun 2016
    This ARE helpful hints, but will save you only pennies. You have to spend money to save money in any noticeable, beneficial way - such as solar panels, supplementary water tanks, etc. Some of you reading this will be aghast at the suggestion because of the dollar outlay for such a "huge" project, which it really is not. There are low government interest rates for these money-savers and in no time you will reap the rewards, and to do it today is better than tomorrow, but not as good as yesterday. All does NOT come to those who wait!
    3rd Jun 2016
    I love a good tip, but doesn't tip no. 1 (fill your sink with water) negate tip no. 3 (reduce water flow in your toilet)?
    3rd Jun 2016
    If you have a BBQ with a lid, use it instead of your electric or gas oven. I have been doing this for years. But I have learnt to put an Oven Thermometer in the BBQ, as the temp. shown on the outside is incorrect for the temp inside. Have baked cakes and muffins as well as roasts and pastry item quite successfully.
    4th Jun 2016
    I just can't believe how little gas my Webber BabyQ uses.
    3rd Jun 2016
    The government does all my money saving for me now ! :-) I cant afford to go out anymore !! :-(
    13th Aug 2016
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