Have you wised up to the annual Easter rip-off ?

Look what the bunny does to the price of chocolate

The annual Easter rip-off

Have you bought Easter eggs for the kids or grandkids yet? Or are you like me and wait for the Saturday discounts before you venture to the shops? Perhaps you are more sensible and have a tradition that doesn’t involve a chocolate hunt.

For those in the former categories, have you ever thought about the mark-up when your favourite chocolate is turned into an egg or a bunny or a chicken?

Comparison site Mozo has some bad, though predictable, news on the price of chocolate eggs.

“Comparing the cost per 100 grams of Easter chocolate with the cost per 100 grams of the same brand’s reliable old block chocolate, we found an average mark-up of nearly 70 per cent,” the site reports. “Gift packs were the worst offenders, with an average 115 per cent, mark-up, followed by bunnies (79 per cent) and single hollow eggs (52 per cent.) Ouch.”

Consider whether your planned purchases are money well spent; is the ‘excitement’ worth what in some cases is a rip-off? If you’re still intent on a chocolate fix, Mozo says there are two Easter products that are good value. “The classic Lindt gold bunny only had an 18 per cent mark-up, and a large bag of Cadbury mini eggs was actually even better value than block chocolate.”

If time is not an issue, you could make your own eggs or bunnies with good quality cooking chocolate and moulds from a craft store.

You could also make your own painted eggs, Easter-themed cookies, egg-shell planters, egg-shaped bath bombs or carrot playdough.

Stick to a budget and don’t get swept up by a perceived need to join the hordes buying chocolate eggs.

How do you celebrate Easter? Does it involve an egg hunt?



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    Old Geezer
    30th Mar 2018
    Just buy the eggs on Sunday when they re half price or better and use next Easter.

    30th Mar 2018
    I won't be buying eater chocolate this year and asked family members not to give me any. The chocolate is minimal full of sugar and all sorts of nasties that children should not be consuming. Stop poisoning your children with cheap chocolates.
    30th Mar 2018
    Consider the costs associated with Easter eggs that are not the same as normal chocolate.
    1. Eggs are produced months in advance of Easter & need to be stored
    2. Freight is based on volume not weight of eggs
    3. Shelf space in supermarkets is more ostly due to size
    4. Damage/breakage is more significant due to the fragility of eggs
    5. Discounting after Easter of left overs
    6. Packaging cost is more significant

    I worked in in the confectionery industry for 9 years so I speak from first hand experience.
    30th Mar 2018
    Easter, as a remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus, has merit, however, I do not approve of the commercialism it has become.
    The Encyclopaedia Britannica tells us, “As at Christmas, so also at Easter, popular customs reflect many ancient pagan survivals—in this instance, connected with spring fertility rites, such as the symbols of the Easter egg and the Easter hare or rabbit” (15th edition, Macropaedia, Vol. 4, p. 605, “Church Year”).
    The word Easter appears once in the King James Version of the Bible, in Acts 12:4, where it is a mistranslation. Reputable scholars and reference works point out that the Greek word rendered “Easter” in this verse is actually Pascha, meaning Passover. Modern translations correctly translate this word “Passover”—as even the King James Version does in other verses (see Matthew 26:2, Matthew 26:17-19; Mark 14:12; 1 Corinthians 5:7).
    30th Mar 2018
    Sorry, The word Easter appears once in the Etc. is not from the EB..
    30th Mar 2018
    It celebrates the Vernal Equinox and to Pagans was sacred to Eostre the Goddess of Spring and Fertility. Rabbits and Hares were her symbolic creatures.

    The decorated eggs eaten on Easter Sunday was introduced in the Middle Ages and the eggs were attached to Eostre's rabbits.

    People believe all sorts of strange things don't they?
    30th Mar 2018
    I should have said "is sacred to" as some pagans still celebrate the equinoxes and solstice.
    30th Mar 2018
    I think the Pagans had it right. They celebrated life.
    30th Mar 2018
    I think the Pagans were in touch with the earth and the seasons.
    No one can argue as to whether the equinox is fact of fiction.
    Celebrating new life with an Easter egg is a lovely idea.
    30th Mar 2018
    Easter eggs are a ripoff at Coles. I traditionally buy Easter eggs without the fancy confectionery hidden inside The best Easter eggs are Haighs. Easter eggs are given and eaten on Sunday .
    30th Mar 2018
    The best easter eggs would be homemade ones. They are made with love and quality ingredients for quality taste not mass profits.
    30th Mar 2018
    Just do the healthy alternative. Boil up a dozen eggs and use them instead. Worst thing that can happen is no one will want eggs from you ever again.
    30th Mar 2018
    I give the grandkids $20 each which they can spend on eggs if they want. However they generally elect to spend it on something more useful.
    30th Mar 2018
    Its all part of the magic. Buy fresh good quality chocolate and enjoy the joy and delight it brings to everyone.
    Its doesn't have to be heaps of chocolate - just one beautiful egg.
    31st Mar 2018
    We have loved the Easter egg hunt with our grand kids every Easter for over 20 years and it thankfully continues tomorrow. Cost??? Priceless.
    THE greatest rip off over Easter is when petrol prices go from $1.23 per litre to $1.49.9!!!! Now, THAT'S a rip off when so many are using their cars to celebrate with their family and friends. Scandalous.

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