Expert tips to update your home decor

It's time to turn our backs on 'cookie cutter' decor solutions.

The costly mistake most property investors make

More than 12 per cent of property investors are completely missing out.

Things buyers are looking for in a new home

If you're hoping to sell, here's how to make your property as appealing as possible.

How the water and sewage under your feet could flood your home

... and what to do about it

Granny flats - a good idea but beware the baggage

Granny flats have surged in popularity, but be sure to understand the rules.

Older Australians resist downsizing, preferring home to a move

Older Australians are opting to renovate or build in familiar surrounds rather than downsize.

Authorities warn of dangers as parents become major lenders

It's okay to be generous with your kids, but dot your Is and cross your Ts.

End of rental moratorium and pandemic assistance hits Australia's poor

Some Australians are about to face living on $17.57 per day.

Head for the hills: Australia's most affordable regions

New report reveals the top 10 most affordable regions across the country.

Older Australians want to build or renovate, not go into aged care

A quarter of the population owns more than half of the nation's private wealth.

Can you get a reverse mortgage if you don't live in a capital city?

Narelle has tried to apply for reverse mortgages but has been rejected. What are her options?

House prices tipped to jump 16 per cent over next two years

Boom feeding off risky policies and the fear of missing out, analysts warn.

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