Retire the retirement village

We're living longer and we're healthier - our environment must change to reflect that.

Home cleaning tips

Natural cleaners are great to use around the home, but can't be used for everything.

Does property sale attract CGT?

Hilda* is the executor of her late father's will and has a question regarding property sales and

Should you sell some equity in your home?

Tapping into the equity in your home can deliver some welcome extra funds, writes actuary John

The facts about buying or renting

Retired actuary John De Ravin explores the outlook for retirees who own their home and for those

Alternatives to drawing on super

If you're worried about your super in these turbulent times, it might be time to take another look

Can you still sell your house?

It is still possible to buy and sell property, but the rules have changed.

Home is where the cash is

Is a reverse mortgage right for you? Retired actuary and author John De Ravin takes us step by

The many guises of a valid will

An unsent SMS, a message on a tractor, a poem: the courts say a valid will can take many forms.

Creating a will without legal help?

Arty wants to know if he can create a will without the help of a lawyer.

When granny flat deals go bad

An ageing population and aged care concerns may lead to more family care arrangements.

Boomers sacrificing for their kids

Have you helped your child get on the ladder? How much did you sacrifice?

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