David fears home ownership status may be costly

David and his wife own their home as ‘joint tenants'. They ask estate planning lawyer Rod

Why our retirement income system is plodding

We're delaying major life events, and our retirement income system hasn't kept pace.

Report reveals the retirees facing the greatest disadvantage

Excessive or indefinite deferral of home purchase can have consequences.

How does Centrelink assess property on multiple titles?

Warren is planning a tree change but wants to know the effect of buying a property on five titles.

Billions of dollars in welfare going to ‘wealthy’ retirees, report finds

$6.3 billion a year in Age Pension payments go to about 255,000 pensioners who own million-dollar homes:

Underinsurance epidemic could cost retirees thousands

Aussie property owners could have their homes underinsured by up to 66 per cent.

Government must step up for homeowners and renters

Home ownership is a fundamental plank in our retirement income system, but it's crumbling, write

How is our pension assessed if we add more land?

Vivienne and her husband want to know whether they should buy or lease extra land.

The problems selling the family home

To have or have-not? What happens if Kevin sells the family home?

How long are funds from property sale exempt from pension?

Jan has sold her house, but her new one is still being built. What happens to the money?

Mortgage debt ruining retirement plans

Record numbers of older Australians are battling to pay off their mortgages before retirement.

What to do with my money when downsizing

Terry wants to sell his home and has questions about what to do with the money.

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