How your home can boost your income

Are you an asset-rich but cash-poor homeowner? Emmett Wilkinson has some solutions.

When granny flats go wrong

The potential perils for parents in granny flats highlight the need for law reform.

ATO doubles down on retirees

Rental property owners are being warned to ensure their claims are accurate this tax time.

Retiree home ownership to plummet

Soon little more than half will own where they live.

Are you in the right area to retire?

A successful retirement requires several elements. Where you live is vitally important.

Will new law affect Sisha’s will?

Sisha is worried that new laws may mean she can't leave her share of the house to her daughter. She

Is it too late to invest in property?

House prices are dropping around Australia so can retirees capitalise on the situation?

Aussies tightening their belts

Australia's financial comfort gap has narrowed for the first time in seven years.

New retiree assets test this year

Retirees should prepare to avoid this year's new ‘tax grab': Noel Whittaker.

Is the ‘tree-change’ back in vogue?

There has been a surge in demand for properties located in ‘lifestyle' regions.

How to limit issues after death

Brian has Powers of Attorney and pre-paid funerals on his mind.

Seven of the whackiest wills ever

Seven strange messages from the grave for those who survived.

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