Simple strategies to help keep spiders out of your home

Stop them making your bedroom their bedroom too.

Planning home improvements? Keep these five things in mind

Home renovation is a key term in 2020.

COVID-19 having a drastic impact on what we want in property

CUA's home sentiment survey reveals a drastic shift in what is important in property.

Centrelink Q&A: What are the rules around sharing property?

Barrie is buying a unit to share with his daughter and wants to know the pension implications.

Mould and damp health costs and hazards

Mould is making 2.5 million Aussies more susceptible to coronavirus.

Get ahead of the home renovation curve

Four ways to style the Dulux 2021 colour of the year.

Home security tips from an expert

Expert explains how to keep your home and garden as secure as possible.

How to keep mice and rats out of your home

Slam the door in the face of these unwanted house guests.

Five areas of your home you probably forget to clean – but should

When was the last time you took a cloth to these commonly neglected areas?

Centrelink Q&A: How is overseas property assessed?

Maria has property in Spain that she is unable to sell. Would she be eligible for a pension?

The strategy that is combating loneliness – and poverty

Many older Australians forced to rent are open to sharing living spaces.

Easy ways to improve the lighting in your home

If you're in need of ‘lightening up', here's how to light up your world in lockdown.

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