Is your (mortgage) holiday nearly over?

A growing number of older Australians are taking a mortgage into retirement - or worse, having

How to close an account and stop fees mounting up

Can a bank insist that you visit a branch in order to close an account?

Tree change vs sea change: Which is better?

Pandemic increases buying in remote areas and research reveals the best value locations.

Can you own property and still be a non-homeowner?

Mark owns an investment property but doesn't own his home. How is he assessed?

Government announces it is cutting capital gains tax for granny flats

Government announces capital gains tax incentives in a bid to prevent elder abuse.

What are the pension implications of buying a second house?

Beverley wants to buy a cheap house for her son and is worried about her pension.

What to do if you suspect your house contains asbestos

One-third of Australian homes contain asbestos, so it's important to know what to look for.

What expenses can you claim when renting out a room?

Mark wants to know what expenses he can offset against the income from leasing a room.

Carpet cleaning – hire a pro or DIY?

Get your spring clean started by sprucing up the carpets.

How does Services Australia value excess land?

Ron is purchasing a big property but thinks it might make him ineligible for the pension.

Surprising ways to add value to your home

It's easier to increase the value of your property than you think.

Does capital gain from selling a property affect the pension?

Sanchez's mother is selling an investment property and is worried about her pension.

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