One in four face hardship for their children’s future

Have you helped your child get on the ladder? How much did you sacrifice?

Boomers spending kids’ inheritance

Baby boomers are spending about $1 billion of their children's inheritance every year by gradually

Half of over-55s are open to downsizing – if only they could find homes that suit them

What's stopping older Australians from downsizing?

Has your bank left you in the lurch?

Do you believe the banks have abandoned Aussie retirees?

Majority of Aussies have not done enough to modify property

New research has found that older Australians' desire to remain living at home increases with

Simple home repairs that will save you money

Here's how to cut household costs and maintain your property's value.

Government cuts rate for retirees

Treasurer's rates review welcome news for older Australians seeking to boost their income.

Can you share too much information with Centrelink?

Tony lost his part pension eligibility after downsizing his house and wants to know what he

Boomer homeowners could pull up to five times their existing income

Cash-poor retirees in Melbourne and Sydney could be sitting on a goldmine.

The lesson still not learnt from natural disasters

A national crisis of underinsurance could cripple communities permanently, according to new

The top 10 suburbs to retire in and build equity in your home

When it comes to their golden years, there are three essential factors retirees should take into

David fears home ownership status may be costly

David and his wife own their home as ‘joint tenants'. They ask estate planning lawyer Rod

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