5th Dec 2011
Can you get stamp duty concessions?
Author: YourLifeChoices
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There were some questions raised following our article on the new stamp duty concession rates granted to pensioners in Victoria who buy a new home.

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jackie wanted to know whether there were concessions available to her in Western Australia. Keen to downsize, she is very concerned about what impact the stamp duty would have on her purchasing a new home.

In response to this, we’ve provided a list of the relevant websites where you can find more information on concessions available in each of the states and territories:    

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia


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    7th Dec 2011
    Seems like Victoria is streets ahead in being pensioner friendly state with Northern Territory coming up smelling roses as well. The other states really ought to take a leaf out of Victoria's book. When you are retired every dollar counts and to keep paying stamp duty when you are downsizing or otherwise is not helpful to our limited budgets. C'mon Queensland show a heart!
    26th Sep 2012
    The same should be said about South Australia. I think giving a concession on purchasing a smaller home would make more pensioners take the step to downsize, thereby making homes available to families, it would help pensioners be more self reliant and able to help themselves. With out the upkeep of a larger property they would have less worry. maybe they would be able to move closer to family members,and require less assistence.

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