Painting your front door this colour could add thousands to your home

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It’s no secret that a coat of paint could add thousands of dollars in value to your home but choose the wrong colour and you could actually decrease its value.

According to Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis, when you paint your front door a shade of black, you automatically add thousands to your house price.

This rationale is based on observance of 135,000 photos of houses sold in the United States last year. While this analysis comes from the United States, it’s still worth considering.

Home design expert Kerrie Kelly shares her theory.

“For a seller, painting a front door is one of the least expensive home prep projects, but also one that can have a powerful impact on a home’s sale price,” she said.

While it’s amazing to think that such a simple home job as painting your front door could increase your property value by thousands, there are some other colour combinations that were successful.

According to the research:

  • Front doors in shades of black – charcoal, smoke or jet black – sell for an average of $US6271 more.
  • Light taupe – grey with a tinge of brown – living rooms sold for $US2793 more. This could include warm tan with pink or peach undertones, or accent walls with darker peach to pink undertones.
  • Light blue bathrooms sold for $US2786 more.
  • ‘Tuxedo’ kitchen cabinets – light-coloured upper cabinets paired with black or dark navy lower cabinets often paired with a lighter wall colour for high contrast – sold for $US1547 more.

Colour combinations that decreased sale prices included:

  • Yellow exteriors sold for an average of $US3408 less.
  • Red kitchens in any shade sell for $US2310 less.
  • Brown dining rooms in any shade sold for $US1684 less.

According to Victoria Gimson, design director and founder of Decorum Interior Design, the one colour that will add value to your home is ivory.

“Ivory gives the illusion of a fresh space,” she explains.

“So buyers are more likely to think that a property has been recently decorated and is well taken care of.”

“Ivory acts as a blank canvas to furniture, artwork and accessories and automatically creates a feeling of space so buyers will feel as though they are getting more for their money.

“A lick of fresh ivory paint,” she says, “is a minimal investment in time and money that could potentially increase sales figures by thousands.”

New York-based interior designer Tali Roth agrees: “It’s a ‘forever colour’ that has featured throughout every era.

“It’s luxurious in the sense that it is delicate by definition and must be handled with care. Plus, all ivory spaces appear to be larger, loftier and airier.”

Ms Roth also believes that ivory is easier to apply than other colours.


Do you know of any colours that add value to your home? What colour is your front door? Are you now inclined to give it a lick of paint to add value to your property?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

Leon Della Bosca is a voracious reader who loves words. You'll often find him spending time in galleries, writing, designing, painting, drawing, or photographing and documenting street art. He has a publishing and graphic design background and loves movies and music, but then, who doesn’t?



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  1. 0

    I would consider that space, a well cared for garden and a view would be far more appealing. After all people can paint whatever they want to in their choice of colour. However it was an American story!

  2. 0

    A Feñg Shui Master can tell which colour will shoot you, because in Feng Shui red means fire in the 5 elements. You can find it oùt yourself, lìke you go home and loòk at ?ed colour everytime you will get heated up easily and arguement will brokè up. But pink colour wi?l bring warm and lovely. There are many thing tò do to a house to attrect people to come home to it. An experian Feng Shui master only know how to get it right as many thing to do also you had to find it out yourself.

    • 0

      All my interior walls are painted 1/2 strength matt Champagne & ceilings 1/2 strength matt Cream – front door is it’s usual brown wood. Reckon my views from elevated (on sloping block) front deck far more “buyer friendly.” Who really knows what a buyer may like??

    • 0

      Loloften, interior walls & çeiling are the house interior Feng Shui. To talk about interior Feng Shui you need a house building plan & the house facing ?irection & the house siting direction.
      Front doòr Brown Wood co?our is not attracting colour but if you polish it and vinish it brightly thèn is okay.
      Like yòu said your house is on sloping block, that mèans the house is higher than the road. A few stept higher is okay but if is far too high the the people that stày in thìs house become very lonely.

  3. 0

    I painted my front door red, to encourage prosperity, according to a Feng Shui consultant who visited my home, and it seems to be working!!

  4. 0

    Can’t think why yellow scored so low – it is a cheerful, vibrant colour.
    A house near us was re-furbished and a new door painted yellow added.
    My husband and I love passing that house – it looks so inviting and cheerful.

    • 0

      Cheerful and vibrant colour yellow it,s not a good colour for the front door to a house. A house and a work place is different between Yin & Yang, one is very active and the other is mild. That means the work place should be Active and a house should be Mild. Because you want to come home to relax/rest so you think about the different.
      When you look at a pub is always very dark but mcdonald are always very light up, so there are the different between the two type of business. One is yin and the other is yang.

  5. 0

    My hardiplank has been repainted many times always a cheerful pale yellow with a leaf green front door. So different from the inevitable ghastly greys of modern buildings.

  6. 0

    “There are lot of gullible people today who are falling for something that is called the art of feng shui. They hire expensive consultants who advise them on how to choose a house or rearrange their furniture in respect to some ancient belief. Although it is an old practice, feng shui has spread widely all over the western world and people are paying lots of money for it. It is easy for feng shui masters to target the misinformed and exploit their superstition. They even go as far as saying that feng sui is a science.”

    • 0

      Jennie,Feng Shui as you know is an old practice,that means you get the right sifu you only know how it work like the In?igenous people that can read the land, the trees and the bushses. But those ripping you off expensìve consultants fees call them self FENG SHUI master, some I know they evèn don,t know the meaning what is Feng Shui. It did not means Wind & Water. Is the teachnic the Indigenous people use to read the land the trees the river I name a few.
      As I can tell you when you get the Feng Shui Sifu who can proof to you rìght infront of your eyes then you were know how powerful it was, without asking you to pay anything.

    • 0

      Sorry, but I can’t agree with you.

    • 0

      Jennie, you don,t had to agree what I said. I just tell what I had come through in my life as I had already retired. I don,t use Feng Shui to earn my living, thè money come from the engineering work. Yòu don,t even had to be sorry about it. Feng Shui for me to find answer to problem I come across only.



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