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GormanKelly is a niche commercial property firm, involved in all aspects of commercial property – including property management, selling, buying, leasing, valuations and project development consulting.

GormanKelly’s specialty is private client portfolio management and general property advice for private individuals, families, corporate and government organisations.

No matter their clients’ needs, GormanKelly’s approach is always the same – to excel in every detail of the process, and be a joy to deal with.

Recognised leaders in commercial property management
Benchmarked by Macquarie Bank against 70 commercial agencies, GormanKelly has been ranked as one of Australia’s pre-eminent commercial management firms.

After 20 years working with clients and their assets, GormanKelly understands the importance of both processes and communication, and that success usually comes from doing the little things well, rather than making one grand gesture.

GormanKelly believe property management is about maintaining their client’s cash flow, with a focus on asset enhancement through well structured, strategic lease agreements and quality building maintenance.

Never has there been such complexity around government, insurance and regulatory compliance for commercial property owners, which is why there is a rigorous framework to GormanKelly’s procedures and processes.

Deep connections and professional service give GormanKelly the sales and leasing edge
Having transacted more sales and leasing within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne over the last two decades than any other commercial real estate firm, GormanKelly can provide clients with valuable local knowledge, experience and deep connections.

A thorough understanding of local market trends and property values, coupled with a database of highly relevant contacts allows GormanKelly to negotiate the best outcome for the sale or lease of your commercial property.


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