Downsizing: are stamp duty concessions available?

If you’re planning to downsize, will you get a stamp duty concession on your new home?

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Sandra is considering downsizing but is struggling to find the correct information on whether she will receive a concession on stamp duty.

Q. Sandra

I enjoyed your recent article on downsizing, but I’ve been unable to find a site that will give me the correct information on whether or not I will receive a concession on stamp duty in NSW. Are you able to advise?


Stamp duty concessions vary between states, with some offering none and others offering concessions only on newly built homes. Currently NSW does not offer pensioner concessions on stamp duty, only first homeowner concessions on new homes. There is, however, the New Home Grant Scheme where you can receive $5000 towards the purchase of a newly built home, off-the-plan purchase or the purchase of land on which a home will be built. There are certain eligibility criteria for such a grant.

To find out which concessions are available in each state, click on the relevant link below:

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory



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    16th Feb 2016
    Might have been nice if you researched the question Debbie instead of suggesting Sandra check out a link that she may have already tried.
    16th Feb 2016
    16th Feb 2016
    Apart from that Golfer, Sandra particularly said that she could not find a site that answers her question. So a list of sites were provided.

    I would not presume that Debbie is an expert on stamp duty as much as I am even after doing research.

    Apart from all this Debbie specifically mentioned that NSW does not offer stamp duty concessions.

    It would indicate to me that she did research the question.

    Maybe you should read the articles more closely in future.
    16th Feb 2016
    There is so much talk on down sizing, but I have found that smaller houses or flats cost the same as the one I own, so it would cost me more to buy and sell. if you go to a retirement village you also have to pay a regular maintenance fee. so where is the advantage?
    16th Feb 2016
    There is no advantage, only the possibility you will end up with more assets and then become less of a "burden" to the government because of a lesser pension you would you be entitled to. If you can manage upkeep of your present place stay there and enjoy, or a move could end up costing you both money and health.
    16th Feb 2016
    Jennie- maybe you could talk to a progressive young builder to divide up your place into a duplex and let you have your place free and share the income from the other side of the wall. All this gets complex if you talk to Centblink as they just want to stop all payments to darlings like you who saved all their life- and hand it out to the drifters and newOzzies. Baaa
    16th Feb 2016
    The New Home Grant Scheme is the best available for NSW
    16th Feb 2016
    I believe that Victoria offer an exemption from Home Purchase Stamp Duty for Pensioners irrespective of whether a new home or old home.
    16th Feb 2016
    But if you go to Victoria you will need a few more blankets and raincoats- it's like London without the Poms.
    Fair Go
    8th Mar 2016
    One positive about going to a retirement village, is NO stamp duty, at least that is how it works here in SA. I made the move and am much happier than I was in my house which needed maintenance, I had a big block to take care of etc etc etc. My house was not worth a lot, so it didn't affect my pension at all, I did have a small amount over which I needed for things here such as a pergola and a few bits and pieces. Yes, I do pay a maintenance fee but it is reasonable and most importantly to me, covers all maintenance, things like oven, air conditioner, hot water service. Worth it for my peace of mind and no council or water and sewerage rates to worry about. They even come and change the light globes for us.

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