Seniors Finance

Many Australians are forced to live on a fixed income, either relying on the Age Pension or allocated pension fund payments. Each and every time you watch the television or pick up a newspaper, you’re confronted with the headline that household bills are on the increase. YourLifeChoices brings you news, tips and information on how to best manage and reduce your costs.

Why is this surcharge applied?

Senior woman with medicine and reading drug prescription

Why is this surcharge applied?

What extra charges are applied to PBS medicines?

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Six simple supermarket saving tips

Woman at supermarket with full shopping trolley

Six simple supermarket saving tips

Take the pain out of grocery shopping with our six tips for reducing your bill.

Dementia and managing money matters

Woman's old coin purse on white background

Dementia and managing money matters

Managing money and finances for someone with dementia is fraught with legal issues.

Money management for one

A recently separated woman manages her finances

Money management for one

Here are some simple money management tips for singles.

How to buy a used car

Miniature used cars standing in a row

How to buy a used car

What are the key things to keep in mind when buying a second-hand car?

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