Seniors Finance

What do you need to think about before the end of financial year?

Time to starting to think about what you can do to maximise your tax return.

Biggest consumer rip-offs and how to avoid them

It doesn't take much to avoid overpaying for these outrageously overpriced items.

Top brands revealed in customer satisfaction survey

Roy Morgan announces annual awards as marketers debate the value of trust.

Why you should hold out for end of financial year bargains

Big retailers report thin earnings, triggering predictions of bumper sales.

How to stop hiding from your problems and conquer your financial fears

The end of the financial year is almost here, but don't try to run from your problems.

The car colours that could make or break the resale value

Some of these rankings may surprise you.

Have you experienced any of these financial shocks over the past year?

More than half of people admit that just thinking about money makes them feel anxious.

Clothes shopping mistakes that are costing you money

Ben explains the sneaky tricks retailers use when you go shopping for clothes.

Tax checklist: What to do before 30 June

The things that could maximise your tax refund.

Some COVID financial shocks will last a lifetime, report finds

Report finds that older Australians suffer the most from COVID's financial shocks.

Car rego renewal tops the list of dates we’re most likely to forget

Has the demise of the humble rego sticker caught you out?

Smart meters and how they can save you money

Learn what smart meters can do for you.

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