Seniors Finance

The surprise factor driving up your cost of living

Big costs being passed on to consumers at the checkout.

What you'll be paying for electricity in 2024

The AEMC's residential electricity price trends report has good news for retirees.

How to ease midlife money worries

An expert shares tips to ease midlife financial strain.

How to build a bigger emergency savings pot

Could you cope if you needed instant access to money during an emergency?

How to navigate your way to financial freedom

State-of-the-art AI system to help you navigate your finances with ease.

How to get the best deal on a used car

Avoid being sold a lemon with these purchasing tips.

Five ways to boost your money confidence

Confidence may come from within but being in control of your money can help.

What to do if you suspect financial elder abuse

When Gerry's aged care bills went unpaid, here's how his support system sprang into action.

Your household power bills could be 15 per cent cheaper

… if Australia's energy regulator was doing its job.

Retiree concessions under the microscope in OECD report

Report urges a review of the tax benefits for nest eggs and an increase in the GST.

Lessons from our parents that never went out of fashion

When it comes to money, some lessons never get old.

Is Australia a nation of freeloaders?

Research finds no basis to many of the claims used to justify cuts to welfare spending.

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