Age Pension allowance

I am a 75-year-old widow and grandmother who has been offered part time work at my grand daughter’s school. I am very excited at the thought of rejoining the work force (thank goodness someone thinks I’m still useful!), but wonder how much income I can earn before my (full) Age Pension is reduced or taken away completely?

A.Provided by Hank Jongen, Centrelink General Manager
The Age Pension is income tested, so you need to tell Centrelink about any income you earn.

For a single Age Pensioner your Age Pension payments will not be affected if your income from all sources is $138.00 per fortnight or less. If you commence employment then your employment income will be added to any other income that you receive.

You can receive a part pension if your income from all sources is $1,519.50 per fortnight or less. This amount is higher if your Age Pension includes Rent Assistance.

If your income exceeds $1,519.50 per fortnight your Age Pension payments will completely cut out.

Age Pension payments are also assets-tested, so any shares, investments or property you own other than your family home may also affect your pension payments.

Seniors can test their eligibility for Age Pension by visiting their local Centrelink Customer Service Centre, logging onto the Centrelink website at or calling 13 2300.