Budget friendly saving tips

Five ridiculously simple money saving tips to help your money go further.

Living on a fixed income usually means watching every cent you spend. We have five ridiculously simple money saving tips to help your money go further.

Don’t idle your car engine
Modern engines don’t need time to warm up when you first start them. Arrange your seat, mirrors and fasten your seatbelt before witching on your ignition. Also, if you’re sitting for more than 45 seconds, switch off your engine. Before you fill up, find the best fuel prices in your area at Motormouth.com.au.

Buy the occasional gift cards
Many retailers now offer gift cards and buying a $20 card now and again, when you can afford it, will give you that little extra to spend when times are tight. Watch out for specials which mean you can buy at a reduced rate.

Start paying off your credit cards
Credit Card Finder has a useful calculator which allows you to enter details of all loans and cards on which you owe money and what is the minimum repayment. By inputting the combined minimum total repayment you can make each month, a payment schedule will be generated to suggest which card or loan to pay first and how long it will take you to clear the balance. To get your debt under control, visit CreditCardFinder.com.au

Invest in a slow cooker.
Not only do they use less energy than a standard oven, but the gentle cooking process enables you to make the most of cheaper cuts of meat.

Getting what you pay for
Are you really getting the broadband download speeds for which you are paying? Check if the speed of your connection is as it should be. Or are you paying for a service you’re not really using? Compare your actual usage against your billed usage and find out if there’s a better package which suits your needs. To check if you’re on the best broadband deal, visit www.comparebroadband.com.au


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    11th Apr 2014
    Only use toilet paper for no.2. Use flannels (face cloths) for No.1. easily washed after use.Or put into a nappy bucket for laundry.
    11th Apr 2014
    This type of comment is the reason why I unsubscribed from this site... what a strange way to save money! What about the cost of the soaker? Yuk!
    12th Apr 2014
    The flannels in a nappy bucket with Nappysan is actually a good way to get a clean & refreshed wipe. You save on the flush water & less down the drains for treatment further down the journey of the sewerage system. If you put toot paper with NO. 1. into the compost bin it helps immensely.

    I buy toot paper in bulk from the $2 Shop in Sydney Rd. $18 for a big plastic bag full of six packs - it maybe 24. six packs all up & I consciously use one sheet less if I can.
    Less visits to the shop, less petrol wear & tear on me & the car.
    11th Apr 2014
    If you buy gift cards make sure you keep an eye on the expiry date. You cannot get your money back if they expire. Also keep them safe. They are like cash and anyone can use them.

    11th Apr 2014
    I agree with, 'Buy the occasional gift cards', but also. 'Do online surveys'.
    At the moment I have a $20 Bunnings card, a $20 Coles Myer card, a $20 Wishgift card, a $25 ABC shop card and a $100 Coles Myer card for putting a recipe on a cookin site. These all come in handy when things are 'a little tight' or as gifts for friends when I either can't afford a gift or don't know what gift they would like. Also, when people ask you what you'd like as a gift say, 'A (Whatever) card'. Last Christmas I received lots of Bunnings cards and was able to purchase new blinds! There is even at least one survey site which puts money straight into your bank account
    12th Apr 2014
    I would put it away for safe keeping & have to search through everything to find it again - it is a great idea though.
    It is like finding $30 in cash in a book you have not looked at in 30 years.
    Which is what happens to me every few years or so.
    11th Apr 2014
    How much petrol does it take to start your motor ? Continually starting and short trips flatten your battery. beverleyc, have you considered the cost of antibacterial treatment or do you risk contamination? Don't use Credit Cards except in a dire emergency. To save writing cheques or going to the Post Office arrange with your utility suppliers to pay by direct debit from your bank account. I believe you can arrange with your bank to do periodical payments each fortnight so your final bill is less to pay. Buy your clothing at Op. shops if you can find suitable items. You can find bargains at some of them - sometimes brand new with original retail price tags still on them. Some may be new and then unwanted so have never been worn. Others may be near new. If not for yourself you may get bargains to use for presents. Some also sell other products such as books (I found some with retail shop stickers on them). I found Little Golden Books. Some of the stories are no longer re-printed at all. I even found school uniforms for the grandchildren which can be very expensive. Often parents appreciate clothes as gifts rather than toys that will never be played with.
    12th Apr 2014
    I spent $300 on a product for my first grandson.
    I asked his parents if they wanted it.
    They came to the shop with me, they chose the one they liked & we tried it with the baby in it.
    They let me spend $300 of money I could ill afford - only so that she could give it to her first cousin for her baby, the first chance she got , which was a few months later. Then she lied through her teeth to me about it.
    I gave them story books - lovely stories.
    Beautiful puzzles I went to a lot of trouble to find.
    It all went in the rubbish as trash from the cheap bitch, his mother.

    SO when they came to my house there were story books & puzzles & paper & colors & cut & paste that the children & I enjoyed together.
    Up Them !
    Don't be shocked - my story is 99 & 3/4% of how it is, I have many granny types as friends & we all get the same rubbish for them, although it goes on mostly behind our backs.
    I was a nanny to well off people yet she can not trust me with her children & suspects that any children may be the operative word.
    12th Apr 2014
    Funny Story:
    Weekend farm house
    Ann & Craig & 3 boys -
    Craig being thrifty at all costs decided that "we don't have to flush just for wee's."
    The last one in the toot before they left for town did poo's & shut the door after him.
    The next weekend Craig was the first one on the toot.
    12th Apr 2014
    Litsa, from the butcher shop in Victoria St, purchased from DAVID JONES, for her grandson 2 top quality, high priced, current fashion, so cute, outfits for her new grandson.
    Litsa said "her sons wife never even dressed him in one of the outfits at least once when they came to visit, just to pretend respect or gratitude or friendship .........
    So when her daughter was going to visit one day when asked "do you want me to say hello to her for you." Litsa replied "tell the ungrateful, rude bitch to go & get
    "- - - - -ed" for me"
    12th Apr 2014
    Nancy, in the fruit shop, in Sydney Rd. is fantastic, she has her finger firmly in the pules of happening & knows everything. If Nancy does not know it, it is not worth knowing. Frank is the same way about many issues & the fruit & veg are good & nicely priced & they have "homemade" extra virgin olive oil - homemade being straight from the grower, manufacturer & bottler, Guido & his family; enterprises..
    11th Apr 2014
    If you have a prepaid mobile phone, check and use the plan most suited to your needs.
    Watch for promotions at some supermarkets or supermarket associated petrol outlets shich sell them at discount prices. I recently got 4 for the price of 3. All of our family and relatives use the same provider.
    11th Apr 2014
    Great idea Pip, when people ask what you'd like for a birthdy or xmas, the gift card, such as a coles myer card is easier for the giver as well as the recipient. Indeed, I feel most people have all the bits n pieces they need and often the gift is not really wanted...not trying to sound ungrateful or mercenary.
    12th Apr 2014
    I agree -
    I got a $50 gift card for Xmas -
    The bills came
    But I had, had to spend $600 on the car
    I had to be extra frugal for a bit
    THEN I REMEMBERED THE GIFT CARD - nyhahaha - which is a cool way of laughing.
    I realised I could spent it to buy food & other goods, so I did a shop at Coles & spent it all.