4th Nov 2011
Budgeting on the run
Author: YourLifeChoices

While many people keep receipts and tally up spending at the end of each week or month, technology has made it a lot easier to track your spending in real time and keep you on budget.

Budget – iPhone App
Budget, an application for the Apple iPhone is a full-featured budget management tool. It offers various settings and options with the aim of helping you keep track of your spending.

You can set as many or as few fields as you want. You can also split your spending into certain categories such as food, fuel, parking, insurance, etc and you can enter each category as you wish. For example, under food you can split your spending into breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner to get the full picture of where your money goes.

While there a number of free budget applications available for the iPhone, ‘Budget’ is by far the best application we have tried and costs only $1.19.

Expense Manager – Android App
Expense Manager is an application for Android smartphones which allows the user to add income and expenses to their tally on a daily basis. This allows you to track where you spend your money each and every day. With this software you can track exactly how much you are spending in different areas to fully grasp if and where your money is going and identify where you need to cut back spending.

The best part about the Expense Manager is you can schedule repeating transactions such as home or car repayments. The Expense Manager app is free from the Android marketplace.

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