Carbon tax payment overseas

With the Clean Energy Advance payment due to be made before 1 July 2012, YOURLifeChoices member Rod will be overseas and would like to know if he will receive the payment.

Q Rod

I have been advised that as an aged pensioner I am entitled to the Clean Energy Advance payment. However, when it is due I will be overseas. Will this effect my entitlement?  

A. Provided by the Department of Human Services

It is correct that you need to be in Australia to receive the initial household assistance payment.  When you return to Australia your payment will be automatically assessed.  If you are outside the country for less than 13 weeks, you will receive the full payment.  If you are absent for more than 13 weeks, you will receive a pro-rata payment for the period on your return.

Find out more about the Clean Energy Advance.

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