Carer breaks

Q. Peter
My wife is a carer for our adult daughter, and we are going on a 10 day holiday shortly, so I was wondering what we have to do in regards advising Centrelink; and then, does my wife lose her pension and allowance while we are away?
We are getting home help in while we are away.

A. Answer provided by Hank Jongen, Centrelink General Manager.
You can take a number of breaks from caring, up to 63 days per calendar year (1 January–31 December), and still qualify for Carer Payment and Carer Allowance. You can use these breaks in a variety of ways including having a holiday, visiting friends and family or for formal respite. You may also use these days if you are sick and cannot provide care for the person you usually care for.
If you take a break from caring and use up some of your respite allowable period, it’s important that you let Centrelink know.
Special rules apply if you are leaving Australia. Please contact Centrelink on 13 2717 for more information.