Dazzled and conned

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Peter, signed up for a free tooth whitening product sample over the internet, which has turned into an expensive exercise. Find out how to avoid scams.

Q. Peter
I’m being subjected to repetitive charges (up to $63.00 a time but some much smaller) from people selling a tooth whitening product and operating under the names of DazzleWhite, Smilebright and Ezdietpartner. I was foolish enough to request a sample of their tooth whitener for a small charge and gave them credit card details. These charges keep coming in and I’ve reported them to my bank.

Peter, we are sorry you have been caught up in what appears to be a scam. Please find below a link to a forum which suggests how you can stop these charges but we suggest requesting a new card number from your credit card provider and then the charges will not go through. It’s easy to get caught up in such scams and your case highlights the need to be extra vigilant when releasing your credit card details. If you are requesting a free trial or purchasing a product online, type the name of the product into Google and see what results come up. If nothing untoward comes up about the product, Google the name of the product with the word scam after it, this should tell you if the product is legitimate.


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