New rewards program could save $$$

Woolworths is changing its rewards program and frequent flyers are out in the cold.

New rewards program could save $$$

If you’re despairing at the thought of losing the opportunity to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points when shopping at Woolworths, relax, it may not be so bad.

Woolworths is changing its Everyday Rewards program to the Woolworths Rewards program, whereby shoppers will earn discounts on food and liquor purchases. And analysts at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash Business School think this may be a benefit to consumers. It estimates that by spending $107 per week on food and liquor, it would take only 7.4 weeks to earn a $10 discount.

However, it could lead to fewer promotional discounts around the store, as the company strives to get the promotional mix right for its bottom line.

Under the new program, customer will no longer have to spend the minimum $30 per transaction to earn loyalty points, although this threshold will remain to be able to activate fuel savings. Loyalty points will be earned on items in store marked with an orange ticket, and once enough points are accrued, the $10 discount will automatically be received when the customer next shops at Woolworths or BWS.

Not all customers reacted happily to the news that they would no longer be able to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer point, with a substantial backlash occurring on social media. However, the company is in discussions with Qantas to provide an option for those customers who prefer the frequent flyer points.

The new scheme will commence next week, with customer still able to earn frequent flyer points until the end of the year.

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    27th Oct 2015
    I think the petrol discount is the main thing. The cash discount will be welcome and probably worth as much as the pie in the sky Qantas points.
    27th Oct 2015
    Petrol discount is not worth the hassle to me. However with a credit card I did manage to get a free flight or two a year by shopping at Woolies.
    27th Oct 2015
    Relax it may not be so bad??? Nothing of benefit in this change for me that I can see. I live in a regional area & have appreciated being able to afford to travel to visit family using the points plus pay (rarely are there cheap airfares in our area). We have 2 Woolworths which make a fortune as they serve the local mining towns also. I bet the orange ticketed items that attract the new loyalty points don't include fresh fruit, vegies & healthy basic food items which is largely what I buy.

    27th Oct 2015
    You get nothing for nothing. This promotion is as phoney as the one for IGA where they "match" the already over-inflated prices of Coles and Woolworths. Consumers don't want prices "matched", they want them BEATEN! It has been proven time and time again that "Loyalty Programs" are certainly not worth the extra you pay for them, and this ruse is the same thing with a different theme.
    27th Oct 2015
    This seems to me to be another way for Woolworths to control what is purchased by customers. It has been reported that only approx 500 items in a Woolworths store will be "ticketed" to earn the cash reward. There has been no listing of these items but it seems to be a perfect way for them to ticket only their in house brands thus controlling customers.
    27th Oct 2015
    Woolworths are able to check everything you buy if you have a Rewards card, then send you an email telling you that the items you have just bought are on special a fortnight later, on pay week, and then offer $10 voucher when you spend $50 or more. We get these at least twice a month. Now it is going to take 7 months to earn $10 reward. Wow, how generous can they be !!. They knew what they were doing when they cooked this one up. Trying to recoup the low profits last financial year!.
    27th Oct 2015
    7.4 weeks, not 7 months
    27th Oct 2015
    I don't care about the flyer points as it takes a long time to accumulate the points. The discount on food???? is that any good when you have to spend that much for several weeks for just $10.00 discount?
    Young Simmo
    27th Oct 2015
    Instead of all this technical complicated rubbish, I would have preferred it if they cancelled everything except the petrol discount, and taken that from 4 cents discount, to 50 cents discount. Much quicker, tidier and easy to manage.
    27th Oct 2015
    no wonder Woolworth's is scraping at the bottom of the barrel they were warned by the aaac not to advertise on their weekly specials that the specials are only valid if you present their loyalty card totally illegal but still keep on doing it the cards from any of these firms are not worth anything their prices are over inflated as is their petrol that's why people are not using them anymore what happens to the loyalty points a customer has already accrued for quanta's they will just end up losing them Woolworth's is nothing but a fraud the sooner people realise that and switch to algi like a lot of people have already done the better off you all will be Woolworth's is only trying another sales trick as they no longer hold the majority in the sales which is what they are worrying about forget them they are only frauds.
    27th Oct 2015
    Everyday Rewards! what a joke, did you know they are a different identity and nothing to do with Woolworth's! They sent me a email weeks ago saying go buy a half price jar of coffee, went to the store 3 times that week and NO could not get it at half price, now they want you to spend $791.80 to get a $10 discount,I don't think so! I through my rewards card away and now shop at I.G.A.!
    27th Oct 2015
    1st week only 20 orange tag items & 3 liquor items all full price goodbye woolworths
    27th Oct 2015
    Agree I had a look at those orange tag items and there is nothing in it for me.

    Woolies had a better deal with their Qantas points and rewards than Co'es but now Coles beats them hands down.

    Time to dust off the Flybuys card.
    27th Oct 2015
    I much prefer to shop at Aldi - their prices are much cheaper and I don't have to wait for points to accumulate to get a measly $10 off my shop - I save at least that by shopping there each week.
    27th Oct 2015
    you can save at least a minimum of $40.00 on a weekly shop by just going to Aldi plus you don't have to muck around with store cards which are useless and nothing but a fraud by the big supermarkets forget the cards and all the crap that Woolworth's are offering its only because their sales are down and they don't hold the majority they are trying to con the public don't be fooled by these lying supermarkets go to Aldi or a small independent you don't need these store cards same goes for the petrol and fuel.
    Young Simmo
    27th Oct 2015
    Boy everybody sprewking ALDI ! Our nearst Aldi is many 1000s of Kms away, and Coles is 480 Kms away in Geraldton, so we are stuck with Woolies and AGI. Even yesterdays paper is full price. OK it is my choice, and there some good reasons for living in Carnarvon like the local Prawning factory are dearer than Woolies for prawns, and our tomatoes go down to Perth and back before we get them, nearly 2000 clicks.
    We are so lucky to have the benefits of the modern lifestyle.
    Anyway I win in the end, I grow my own tomatoes, and have 3 Newspapers in the favourites bar.
    28th Oct 2015
    Woollies & Coles are a rip off but what choice do we have --I told Woollies that I was not happy with the new idea of having to print out your own discount --- and said I have many friend that have NO computer and they still should be able to get their lousy discount and I note they have now changed that.

    I am still on about being able to get the "petrol"discount off the groceries if you wish, as many people do not have a car -- I do but would not use their petrol as it is dearer in any case and mostly have either the E10 rubbish -- or the 95 or 98 I use the 91