Newstart allowance

Q. Pam
I am 61 years old and thinking of doing some volantary work, to be able to claim Newstart, as my husband took an early retirement, and the share market being the way it is at the moment has eaten into our funds. I am aware you have to do 30 hours a fortnight, but wondered how much you get for that time. Look forward to your response.

A. Answer provided by Hank Jongen, Centrelink General Manager
You’re right in terms of the commitment each fortnight, because if you are 55 or over, you will be able to fully meet your obligations to receive Newstart Allowance by participating for at least 30 hours per fortnight in a volunteer activity agreed with your employment service provider or Centrelink, or combining paid part-time work and volunteering activities to a total of at least 30 hours per fortnight. You will still need to work with a employment service provider, have an Activity Agreement and accept any suitable jobs that are offered to you. To find out more, visit or telephone our Employment Services line on 13 2850.